Best Oppo Smartphones in 2021

Oppo Reno 5 8gb Ram 128gb Rom

Best Oppo Smartphones in Kenya 2021

Oppo has released the Reno 5 in 2021 with a better camera, battery, and processor. We have summarised the best of Oppo smartphones below.

We have also included the new accessories from Oppo like the Oppo W11 Earphones and Oppo Watch 41mm.


Oppo phones stand out from the crowd, thanks to their vibrant colors, great specifications, distinctive pop-up cameras and superior build quality. They have intriguing designs and also offer top battery life, performance, and camera capabilities.

Oppo has top-end Find devices and mid-range Reno and budget phones. We’ve taken a look at the best of the bunch and ranked them accordingly. We have the best prices in Kenya at for Oppo phones.

Key Considerations when buying your New Phone

When getting your next phone you should make the following considerations

  1. Your Budget – Oppo phones range from Kshs 10,000 upwards.
  2. Ram and Rom of the phone – The higher the ram the better the performance of the phone and the higher the rom the more files and pictures you can store.
  3. Battery Capacity – The battery capacity will dictate how long you can operate the phone.
  4. Camera – The higher the megapixels of the camera the higher the picture quality of the image.
  5. Processor – The higher the processor speed the faster the processing power and multitasking capability of the phone.

Top Oppo Smartphones in Kenya

Oppo A15 2gb Ram 32gb Rom


Oppo A15 3gb Ram 32gb Rom


Oppo A15s 4gb Ram 64gb Rom

Oppo A15 4gb Ram 64gb Rom

Oppo A15s 4gb Ram 64gb Rom

Oppo Reno 2f 8gb Ram 128gb Rom

Oppo Reno 5 8gb Ram 128gb Rom

Oppo Reno 5 8gb Ram 128gb Rom

Oppo Reno 5 8gb Ram 128gb Rom

Oppo Reno 5f 8gb Ram 128gb Rom

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