Best Samsung Smartphones and Price in Kenya (2020)

Best Samsung Smartphones and Price in Kenya

Samsung is a known brand when it comes to smartphones, thanks to its flagship Galaxy S Series and many other midranges and low-end phones. Samsung does not spare costs to make the best smartphones on the market.

  • Samsung has top-end S Series
  • Mid Range A-Series and M-Series
  • Low End from Kshs 9,000

We have the best prices in Kenya at for Samsung phones.

The 2020 lineup of Samsung Phones are listed below and you can click on the link to see the features;

Key Considerations when buying your New Phone

When getting your next phone you should make the following considerations

  1. Your Budget – Oppo phones range from Kshs 10,000 upwards
  2. Ram and Rom of the phone – The higher the ram the better the performance of the phone and the higher the rom the more files and pictures you can store.
  3. Battery Capacity – The battery capacity will dictate how long you can operate the phone
  4. Camera – The higher the megapixels of the camera the higher the picture quality of the image
  5. Processor – The higher the processor speed the faster the processing power and multitasking capability of the phone.