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Airtel Smart Home

Airtel Smart Home is perfect if you’re looking for a fast and easy to setup home broadband connection. Smart Home offers customers a faster and better experience in data connectivity with its mobility feature that can allow them to travel with their router and use it away from home. The router is a plug and play gadget that allows connectivity of up to 32 devices in the same locality.

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  • · High Speed- 4G.
  • · Plug and play.
  • · Portable and quick to set up.
  • · Enables multiple connections at a time (upto 32 devices).
  • · Comes with Free 4G SIM card.

Airtel Smart Home FAQs

a) You must be living within Smart Home zones.

b) Fill and return the Airtel Smart Home application forms provided by the Airtel representative on the ground or visit any of our Airtel outlets for more information.

c) Once you complete the Airtel application form, make the payment and the representative will hand you a 4G router together with an Airtel SIM.

d) Your username and password will be indicated on the device upon opening the box.

Airtel 4G Mi-Fi

Visit an Airtel Shop today and get yourself a 4G Mi-Fi only KSH. 4,499/- with 15GB FREE Data


· High Speed- 4G: plug and play.

· Portable device with WiFi hotspot wherever you go.

· Enables multiple connections at a time (upto 15 devices).

· Powered by rechargable battery and used away from a power source.

Bundle Validity Price
10GB 30 Days 1,000
15GB 30 Days 1,500
30GB 30 Days 2,000
48GB 30 Days 3,000
120GB 90 Days 6,000
200GB 90 Days 9,000