• GDLite 1 Portable Home Solar Lighting System


    The GDLITE solar lighting system uses a 9V DC 3-7W solar panel to charge the GDLITE GD-8006 6V 4Ah sealed lead-acid accumulator by day. It runs three individually switchable, high-quality 6V DC LED lamps simultaneously by night. A USB output socket produces 5VDC 0.5A power to charge cellphones, iPhones, iPads or similar devices, using the multi-adapter (USB to nine different plugs) provided.

    • Portable and great for emergencies!
    • Good quality bright LED light bulbs
    • Charges phones/tablets/power banks
    • Has an internal battery with battery indicators
    • Charged by 240/110 volts or by sunlight
    • Bulbs are plastic so they can’t break
    • LED bulbs last longer on a single charge
    • Rugged and sturdy build
    • Easy to install

    Order it online from Bovic and have it delivered to you.

    1-3 working days outside Nairobi and same-day delivery within Nairobi.

    We have the best price in Kenya for this product. 


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