• DLight X850+22 Inch TV


    DLight X850+22 Inch TV Features in Kenya

    • Get the System for Ksh. 4,000 Deposit
    • Easy Daily Installments of Ksh. 115
    • 22” HD digital TV
    • A Sensitive 40W Solar Panel
    • 12v-15v battery & 5 bright LED lamps
    • FM radio with MP3 playback
    • Rechargeable torch


    Still, you are at liberty to make monthly or weekly payments, depending on your income schedules.

    You are required to pay a total of Ksh. 75,560 with the installment plan.

    Order Now from Bovic and have it delivered straight to your doorstep.

    1-3 working days outside Nairobi and same-day delivery within Nairobi.

    We have the best price in Kenya for this product


    DLight X850+22 Inch TV


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