Best Multi Vegetable Cutter for Schools in Kenya

With over 1,500 schools and institutions using our multi vegetable cutter, you can be sure that you have made the right choice. Our multi vegetable cutter will give your school kitchen a total transformation. This is not just a vegetable chopper. It can cut all types of vegetables and fruits including;

  • Hard and soft vegetables, such as root, stem, and leafy vegetables, tubers, cooked dry food, fried food, hard pasta, etc.
  • Vegetables include; sukuma wiki (kales), cabbages, carrots, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, chillis, celery, garlic, french beans.
  • Fruits include watermelon, banana, mango, apple, pawpaw perfect for fruit salad.

We have kept a tradition of high-quality manufacture of kitchen appliances, energy-saving stoves, and solar products for over 30 years.

We continue this tradition by offering this high-quality multi-vegetable cutting machine.

Multi vegetable cutter bovic
Multi vegetable cutter bovic

Live Demo of the Multi Vegetable Cutter

Cutting Sukuma Wiki/ Kales

Cutting Tomatoes

Cutting Cabbages


Features of the Multi Vegetable Cutter

  1. Suit for many kinds of vegetables and fruits
  2. High capacity and efficiency
  3. Keep vegetables smooth
  4. Easy to operate
  5. Widely used in the food processing industry
  6. Fully automatic vegetable cutting machine
  7. Food Grade Stainless Steel Materials to ensure Hygiene
  8. Save Time and Money
  9. Minimal Power Consumption
  10. The machine can process various vegetables like cabbages, kales, sukuma wiki, lettuce, carrot, potato, tomato, onion, celery, olive, etc

Specification of the Multi Vegetable Chopper

  1. Size: 850*700*980mm
  2. Net weight: 85kg
  3. Power: 1,500w
  4. voltage: 240v
  5. Bowl Diameter: 640mm
  6. Bowl Capacity: 30 Litres
  7. Material: Stainless Steel

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