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Best Smart TV Deals and Prices in Kenya – December 2021

Best Smart TV Deals and Prices in Kenya

Below is a list of Smart and Digital TVs available at Some of the key factors to consider while shopping for a TV are listed below. These prices are discounted Christmas offers. Note that all TV models are new with a warranty.

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Factors to consider when buying a TV

1. Budget and Price

Your personal budget will determine which brand you go for. Big brand names like Samsung, Sony, LG tend to be more expensive. Chinese Brands like TCL, Hisense, Skyworth, Syinix are less expensive. Other brands like Vision Plus, Vitron, JPE are fairly priced.

Price tends to outweigh other factors since, at the end of the day, you will get the TV that you can afford. The good news is you can get a TV at most budgets – big or small.

However, if you go for cheaper TVs you’ll have to do without many features that are advantageous and convenient for today’s uses. For a decent TV with most of the essential features, you may need around Ksh. 20,000.

2. Size

TVs come in sizes ranging from 14 inches to 85 inches. Consider the size of the room that you are placing the tv in and also if you can watch comfortably from a distance. If you have a big space then you should get a large screen, similarly, smaller screen size is more ideal for a small space.

3. Picture Quality

In these days of HD, Ulta HD, 4K and 8K, no one wants to watch their favorite series or movie in low quality. Luckily, most of the big brands have invested in top-notch colour balance and image quality to ensure that you enjoy your viewing. Some of the screen technologies like OLED and QLED TVs are lauded for their exceptional colour accuracy and high contrast.

4. Sound

Just like picture quality, sound quality matters a lot when buying a TV especially if you don’t want to use external sound output. Most TVs come with standard sound quality which in most cases is quite basic.

However, if you want to take your entertainment experience to another level, you need to invest in a TV with powerful sound. For example, the LG OLED evo tv comes with Dolby Atmos which delivers a multi-dimensional surround sound. Also some of the TCL models come ready with a Sound Bar. TVs above 50 inches generally have decent sound systems. If you need to invest in a sound bar or home theatre you can check here for home theatre and here for sound bar.

5. Resolution

Resolution defines the number of pixels in a picture. Therefore, the higher the resolution the higher the overall quality of the picture. With today’s high production quality, it’s necessary to have a TV that can offer the best clarity hence the rising popularity of 4K and 8K TVs.

4K resolution refers to a horizontal display resolution of approximately 4,000 pixels.

6. Technology

Today, having a smart TV is a need rather than a luxury. Unlike digital TVs, smart TVs are capable of connecting to the internet and allowing users to stream content without the need for an external set-box. Some of the favourite streaming services include Netflix and youtube.

Additionally, some TVs come with AI technology that improves the general user experience.

List of available Smart TVs and Digital TVs

Note that this list is not exhaustive and you can always contact us and update us on which model you are looking for. All prices listed are in Kenya Shillings.

Vitron TVs

Vitron32 digital – 17,500
Vitron40 smart  – 24,000
Vitron43 smart – 29,000
Vitron50 smart 4K – 41,000


32 smart android-@ 19,500
40 smart android-@ 24,999
50 smart 4k android-@ 43,000

Vision Plus TVs

32 digital- 17,000
Smart android TVs
32 inch – 19,999
50 inch – 42,999
55 inch – 52,999
65 inch – 71,500

Sound Bar
V2110sb- 9,999

TCL Smart TVs

32 digital @ 19,999
Smart Android
32S65A @ 24,999
43S65A @ 38,000
43P725 @ 42,999
50P725 @ 54,999
55P725 @ 61,000
65P725 @ 107,000
65C725 @ 116,000
75C725 @179,999

Hisense TVs

32 Smart – 24,999
32 Smart Android – 26,999
43A4G- 38,000
43A61G- 41,000
50A6G- 54,000
55A61G- 59,000
58A61G- 63,000
65A62- 88,000
85A7500- 227,000


32LM6300- 32,000
43LM5772- 49,000
43UP7750- 52,500
50UP7750- 68,000
55UP7750- 78,000
55Nano75- 85,000
55NAno80- 92,000
55Nano86- 102,000
65UP7750- 109,000
55 C1 oled- 169,999
65C1 Oled- 265,000
75Un7180-  155,000
75nano75- 169,999

Samsung TVs


Sony TVs

32R300- 32,000
32w660- 34,000
43w660- 48,000
50w660f- 59,000
49×7500- 73,000
55X80J – 99,000
55x85J- 105,000
55x90J- 129,000
55A80j- 169,000
65x7500H- 107,000
65X80J- 107,000
65x85J- 142,000
65A80J- 275,000
75x80J- 175,000
75x85j- 225,000
85X9000- 305,000
75x90J- 265,000

Sony home theatres


Sony Sound bar

S350- 24,500
S40R- 32,000

Lg home theatre

Lhd457- 29,000
Lhd657- 34,500
Lhd-756- 42,500

Lg sound bar

SL4– 23,000
SL5Y- 28,000

Samsung sound bar


Hisense sound bar

Hs-205-@ 13,000
Hs-214-@ 14,000

Sony hifi

V43D- 43,000

Sony radio

S70D- 9,999
Zs-ps50- 9,999

Sony speakers

Gtf16390- 2,999 6inch

Sony amp

N1004- 11,000

Sony dvds 📀

SR520- 4,999
SR370- 3,999

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